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Is your yard currently little more than a boring patch of grass?

What if you could have a cozy reading or visiting nook under a shaded pergola? A romantic getaway gazebo? What if you were ready to party in an outdoor kitchen or theater?

By adding more living space you skyrocket the value of your home while making it more pleasant and relaxing than ever. A private space to work, play, and enjoy the best of Houston weather. What could be better?

Our designs are sleek, modern, and functional, and offer a wide variety of possibilities.

All you have to do is dream it, then call us. We’ll work on your project from concept to completion. You show us what you’d love to see, and we take a look at the existing space.

Then, one of our in-house designers creates a 3D rendering of the new space. You’ll be able to see it and approve it long before we start work.

Once you’re satisfied, we’ll put you in touch with your dedicated project manager. They’ll hand select the right outdoor living craftsmen from our team of artisans and specialists. They’ll then complete the work with minimal interruption to your home life. You’ll have access to an online portal where you can

Before you know it, you’ll have a backyard resort that will wash away the cares of the day whenever you want to slip off to enjoy it.

Check out the gallery below to get some ideas, then call us to start the design process!

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a majority of projects, we will not need to remove any portion of your fence. Generally, we do not need to use any sort of heavy equipment and most materials are hand carried into and out of your yard. In some cases where we would need to remove large amounts of concrete or dirt or we need to bring in large objects that are too heavy to lift with manpower then we might need to use a Bobcat for this type of project. If that is the case, then we might need to remove a small section of your fence for access

Please secure your pets and keep them out of the construction area for their own safety. If they must go out in the yard, then it is best that they have an adult supervisor to keep them out of the construction area. Depending on the yard layout, we may be able to build a temporary fence for your pet to keep them safe from construction tools or debris while still being able to use their yard space!

There is no actual “best” time of year to build any project, however, we are often busier between the months of March-September because many customers wait until spring or summer to plan on building their project. If you can decide what you want to build sooner, rather than later, then we will be able to start work on your outdoor living project quicker. Keep in mind that once you decide to build there are still many things that must happen before you can start actual construction. Building permits, engineering, and the number of projects that have been sold will affect how long it takes before construction can begin on your project.

We cannot build any fire pits underneath patio covers, arbors, or pergolas due to fire & city codes in our area. Most cities require you to be 10 feet away from roofs, arbors, pergolas, fences, or anything combustible. Some cities require you to be 15 feet or more from your house or fence. In addition, some cities will not allow you to build any wood burning fire pits but will allow gas fire pits.


Give us a call or fill out our online “contact us” form and we will schedule a time to have one of our designers meet with you at your home to discuss your project.

Yes, we are a full service company and have both a licensed master plumber and master electrician on staff.

Each city is different and charges vary from city to city. Most cities take anywhere from 10-15 business days to issue a building permit. The timing depends on the size and type of work being done.  Also, it usually takes longer to get permits at the height of the construction season. Costs will vary widely and are partly determined by the size and cost of your project. Usually building permits start about $350 but can go to $1000 or more depending on the city you live in.

No, some jobs do not require a building permit, but this varies by city and type of work being done.

Do not remove the building permit bag until after you have received your final inspection and have been told by your project manager that your job is 100% complete. If the building inspector comes to your house to do an inspection but the permit is not posted or has been removed, then the inspector can fail the inspection and impose a fine.

Gable roofs generally let in more light (unless the ends are closed), allow more air circulation, and usually will feel less closed in. Hip roofs offer more protection from the sun, wind, and rain but trap more heat and smoke from BBQ grills on the top of the roof. The type of roof that is best will usually be determined by what you are trying to accomplish.


Most of our outdoor kitchen countertops are made either from flagstone, limestone, or granite. There are also some man-made materials available as well as quartz and soapstone. Most customers prefer to use flagstone, limestone, or granite for cost purposes. Marble should not be used as it is too soft of a material and it stains too easily for outdoor kitchen countertop use.


Yes! All of our projects include a 1 year limited warranty. If anything directly related to the installation or craftsmanship of the project is defective, we will come back and fix it for up to one year after the date of project completion. We are committed to honoring our word and our reputation in the Houston community, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. 

Absolutely! All of our projects are setup on a draw schedule, so that you have manageable payments throughout the project. We also offer multiple options for your financing needs, with as little as 0% interest.

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