About Us

The Cline Construction Commitment

Cline Construction and Renovation builds client trust and satisfaction first. We fully commit to our clients and pour our hearts, souls and resources into our projects. We don’t bite off more than we can chew or take on more projects than what can be handled correctly. We seek to deliver exceptional services above all, and we don’t consider the job complete unless clients are satisfied with our services.

All of our projects include a 1 year limited warranty. If anything directly related to the installation or craftsmanship of the project is defective, we will come back and fix it for up to one year after your project. We are committed to honoring our word and our reputation in the Houston community, and customer satisfaction is our top priority.  

Cline Construction and Renovation builds client </br>trust and satisfaction first. We seek to deliver exceptional services </br> above all. We succeed when we make our clients’ dream spaces a reality.

About Cline Construction & Renovation

Ryan Cline founded Cline Construction in 2008 by seeking out Houston’s most skilled craftsman, tradesmen, and subcontractors. He’s set out to build trust with each of his clients. He provides quality, expertise, and exceptional service to every project.

The result?

Ten years of sustained client satisfaction. Exponential company growth. And hundreds of Houston homes transformed into beautiful, modern affairs for living, growing a family, working, entertaining, and enjoying life.

Why do we do what we do? Because we want to build client trust and satisfaction first. We seek to deliver exceptional service above all else. We succeed when we make your dream space into a reality.

Our objective is to be recognized as the company that manages the finest residential and commercial renovation, remodel, and construction projects in Texas. We strive to create properties that provoke pride: all with the power of superior quality and amazing customer service.

Why call us? Because we’ll go the extra mile for you! We refuse to stop until we’re recognized as Houston’s best.

Our Team

Ryan Cline

President and Founder

Chelsea Worrell

Executive Assistant

Tiffani Rodriguez

Sales & Marketing Rep

Edward Corrin

Chief Financial Officer

Nathan Friedrich

Project Manager

Matthew Burnham


Rachael Cline

Chief Operations Officer

Aaron Mandelbaulm

Installogy Pros - Manager

Angela Cline

Administrative Assistant

Cline Construction